Christians Should Not Be Silent

The author of this post, Rebecca LuElla Miller, wrote such a beautiful post here that I just had to break that fourth wall again and repost it.

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

African_sunsetWhen I say Christians should not be silent, I don’t mean Christians should complain more or rail against our culture more or even, out false teaching more. We do those things with some frequency. I’m one of those who does.

What I was reminded of today, however, was that I’d much rather be known for what I believe rather than for what I oppose. In a discussion on another site today, I made a comment that included these words: “Christ offers healing. He gives us grace. He made a way of escape from sin and guilt. His plan and work is Good News.”

However, I also pointed to things with which I disagreed, and consequently, the ensuing discussion, as far as concerned me, centered on my opposition (not precisely on what I was opposing but on the fact that I was opposing).

I can’t help but wish we’d talked more…

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