Things in this nation aren’t perfect. We’re not exactly united anymore, and that is truly sad. But we do provide more foreign aid than any other nation, and our “poor” are better off that what is considered “rich” in many other nations, and when Al Gore and G.W. Bush were in a tie in the 2000 Presidential election, there were no tanks in our streets!

That said, the social policies in this nation are spiraling terribly out of control. I believe it’s quickly turning from a democratic republic to a socialistic republic. Think about it: the public schools tell our kids not smoke and teach them to pass the algebra section of the SAT, but they don’t teach them to balance a checkbook!

Or, what about the teenagers who were prescribed antidepressants, and who then committed suicide in such numbers that “disclaimers” had to be put on the antidepressants? Think about it: you’re a depressed high school student because you’re not making it socially too well, maybe you’re feeling left out and unattractive, when you suddenly find out there’s a reason: you’re mentally ill. Yay! We can fix that with a drug! To a depressed high school kid, finding out that he or she is so mentally ill that he or she needs medication is not exactly the kind of news that would cheer a person up. I could go on and on about this subject!

Meanwhile, we personally had two vehicle breakins within a two month period, in an area prone to vehicle breakins. Why didn’t the police patrol more? I can’t tell you for sure, but they were probably out patrolling the bars around the university downtown, because the law says that most young adults old enough to get married, vote, and die for their nation can’t buy a beer. I’m sure the police would much rather solve real crimes, but social policy mandates them to focus heavily on social issues like that.

Finally, the History Channel recently ran a show where it actually claimed that it didn’t believe the Biblical account of a God Who rained down manna (bread) from heaven on the Israelites in the wilderness, but it did provide the alternate explanation that aliens felt so sorry for the Israelites that they made sure the Israelites had food. Seriously? They’ll believe in aliens but not God?!?!

I can’t fix things. I can’t even come up with a good, starting suggestion. No one can fix all of our problems because – news flash! – this is earth, not heaven. Hope to get there myself someday, by the way, where everything is perfect and I think there’s one awesome party going on (almost died last year; I think I saw something …). My issue is because the government does seem to be trying to fix everything for everyone, and it’s leading to (what I see as) more problems.

If I’ve got the talent to string a few words together, I hope you get a grin out of my nutty perspective on this crazy generation we were all born into.

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